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You don’t know what to do. You have finally decided to take the step to separate your family into two households. Or perhaps your spouse has told you the marriage is over. Either way, it means divorce. You don’t want a big fight, or to break the bank, and you hope it will be civil, or maybe even friendly. Here are some facts that might help you as you get started.

Fact One. A divorce does not have to be an ugly fight. You and your spouse have a choice about what process you will use. Traditional litigation (going to court) is not your only avenue. There are options for a respectful and dignified process, including Collaborative Divorce and Mediation. A great way to get a comprehensive look at your choices is to attend a virtual Divorce Options Workshop. Click here to find a workshop online.

Fact Two. Not every family law attorney works in each of those processes. For example, if you and your spouse have chosen Collaborative Divorce each of you will be selecting your attorneys from those who have gone through highly specialized training. A good place to find those that have collaborative training is or Collaborative Practice East Bay. Many of those listed there also serve as Mediators.

Fact Three. You can be better off with more than just a lawyer. Your divorce case will be easier if your professional team includes non-lawyers. Adding a neutral financial professional or divorce “coach” (specially trained mental health professional) will make things go more smoothly, save time and money, and help keep the process non-adversarial and respectful. Those professionals are automatically included in a Collaborative Divorce. If you select Mediation as your process, you and the mediator will bring in additional professionals that meet the needs of your particular case.

Getting Started. Emily De Falla has decades of experience working with divorcing families. As a skilled mediator and collaboratively trained attorney, she helps families stay out of court and have an amicable divorce. Our office is always available to talk with you about how to get started in a cooperative divorce process. If you would like to take advantage of our free consultation, please contact us or call Emily at De Falla Law & Mediation at 925-309-4550.