Can You Get a Divorce During the Coronavirus Crisis?

The phrase “in these difficult times” has become a cliché in the months since the Coronavirus or COVID-19 virus changed the world. So much has been put on hold – even the courts have been closed and you may have assumed you won’t be able to start divorce proceedings. Even after the courts reopen, you may prefer to continue social distancing as much as you can until there is a vaccine or treatment. If so, you may be happy to learn that you can still get a divorce or legal separation during the time of the pandemic, by using Virtual Mediation or Collaborative Divorce. It will look a little different than a divorce used to, but, being “virtual” is a cost effective, streamlined way to get a fair and amicable divorce.

Getting a Divorce in California During the Coronavirus Crisis

The truth is we don’t need a courtroom to get you divorced, because we help you settle your divorce out of court. If you and your spouse decide you want to have a respectful, cost effective, efficient, and amicable divorce, Virtual Mediation is a good choice.  It takes less time, costs less, and has far less emotional stress than traditional divorce litigation. Our office handles the paperwork and provides guidance and support as together we craft an agreement that works for the whole family – all without going to court.

It was easy for De Falla Law & Mediation to transition to Virtual Mediation when the Coronavirus crisis struck, because we had already started to take advantage of technology to provide a more cost effective and streamlined divorce.  We can now complete the entire process online, working virtually via video conferencing. You upload all the necessary documents through a secure transfer system. We review documents during the video conferences, or on the phone after you receive an electronic copy. Negotiations will occur and agreements reached online. In most cases documents can be signed using our secure online application. And we can file the paperwork electronically with the courts.

Clients, even those who were originally skeptical, have embraced Virtual Mediation. They tell us they like the idea of not having to drive and park, they prefer participating from the emotional security of their home environment, and they appreciate the ease of scheduling a meeting when no commute time is involved. While something is lost by not being all together, much is gained in comfort and efficiency.

During the time we have been forced to stay at home, many have begun to reevaluate their relationships and their lives and consider whether there is a positive way to restructure their families and their futures. We have an experienced family law practice that is actively helping families in transition during the Coronavirus crisis. We believe that there are better alternatives to handling a divorce than going to court. Collaborative Divorce or Mediation will result in a better outcome for your family – both in the short and long term – and now you can do that virtually.

Emily De Falla has decades of experience working with divorcing families. As a skilled mediator and collaboratively trained attorney, she helps families stay out of court and have an amicable divorce. Our office is always available to talk with you about how to get started in a cooperative divorce process. If you would like to take advantage of our free consultation, please contact us or call Emily at De Falla Law & Mediation at 925-309-4550.