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Magical ability to communicate

I cannot say enough good things about Emily. She has mastered the art of listening and really makes people feel heard just by her presence and visible interest. She also has a magical ability to communicate hard truths in a compassionate and digestible way. She has often reflected back to me things I’ve said, but in a much more generous and enlightening way than how I had first contemplated it; and these “translations” of my original thoughts have broadened my perspective and allowed me to envision other possibilities to a seemingly open and shut case.

When working with two people, Emily helps one person reframe what they are expressing into language the other person will better understand, and this helps both feel more understood and less anxious in their subsequent conversations. Emily has an ear for what’s not being said as well. She is extremely intuitive and can read between the lines. She brings clarity to murky situations and helps illuminate for couples what they aren’t able to see. Emily’s years of experience and wisdom, coupled with her sense of humor and levity, create a sense of ease and a space where both people can feel safe to let their guard down and be vulnerable. It is a real pleasure to be around her — you can’t help but feel better just by being with Emily.

– B.B., Berkeley

Guidance with insight through a challenging time.

From the first moment I met Emily, she was professional, insightful and kind. She guided me through the most challenging time of my life with grace and empathy and was always just a phone call away. I truly appreciate her dedication to my case and helping me get through it with as much peace as possible. Thank you Emily!
– Collaborative Client, Concord

Responsive, caring, reasonable with positive results.

I have referred a number of my clients to Emily for assistance in both divorce and custody matters. I always follow up with the client who I refer to other attorneys. In each instance when I have referred a client to Emily, the feedback I have received is extremely positive and my clients have further stated that Emily is responsive, caring, reasonable, and has obtained very positive results for them.
– L.D. Business Attorney, San Ramon

Highly recommend for family law and collaborative practice divorce

I would highly recommend Emily De Falla for family law matters and collaborative practice divorce. Not only is she strong and outspoken when necessary, but she is also remarkably insightful and perceptive – two qualities which are particularly important during a collaborative practice divorce. Her communication was clear, calm and kind as she guided me through the complexities of the divorce process. You will be well-represented with Emily De Falla as your lawyer.
– B.D.,  Orinda

Highly recommended experienced & respectful

Emily De Falla offered me great advice from our very first phone conversation. That advice proved extremely helpful to achieving the desired outcome of my case. Her ability to be flexible with her schedule combined with her capability to work remotely made attending our meetings a bit easier for me and my 2 year old son. The value of her attention to detail became clearly apparent during our court session – of all the attorneys in court that particular day, she seemed a rose among many thorns and I was proud to have her representing me. I found Emily De Falla to be highly intelligent and well spoken, as well as extremely thoughtful and considerate. Bottom line: Emily De Falla is a winner, you should hire her!
– C.C., Concord

Smart, wise, fair and has a Heart!

I highly recommend Emily because I completely respect her wisdom and admire her wealth of knowledge. She is extremely generous with her time and beyond fair. What was truly rare and the most important trait to me was her empathetic nature, her HEART and her desire to connect with your heart. She not only hears you, but genuinely listens and so can properly guide. It’s a privilege to know and be known by Emily De Falla!!!
– R.S., Danville

Extraordinary, astute, knowledgeable, tenacious and compassionate.

I find myself extremely fortunate to have Emily De Falla as my attorney. She has been able to resolve very difficult situations and has always notified me of changes taking place. I find her to be an very intelligent and experienced attorney. She is persistent and does not take no as an answer. To say that Emily goes the extra mile for her clients, is an understatement. I have worked with other attorneys and none of them come close to Emily. She cares about what she is doing and treats her clients with concern and respect. Without Emily, I would not be where I am now.
– T.P., Brentwood

Unmatched professionalism.

Emily intuitively knew the challenges that I was up against right from the start including the balancing act of trying to run my own business, responding to the never ending requests for paperwork from opposing counsel and keeping my emotional state in check. Her overall understanding of the process and keeping me apprised of what to expect during each step gave me a sense of security in a world I knew nothing about. Emily’s professionalism was unmatched and together with her compassion and caring spirit gave me the comfort level that I needed during this incredibly stressful time.
– P.B., Danville

Competent, Efficient, and Caring.

Emily represented me in the dissolution of my marriage. From the beginning she was professional and compassionate. Emily calmly and efficiently gathered all the requisite information to proceed with my case during what was a highly-charged emotional and traumatic life event for my young daughter and myself. Emily was an absolute rock for us during this very turbulent and painful time. Emily displayed a very thorough knowledge of the legal proceedings and we were always well prepared for Court. Emily’s understanding manner and down-to-earth guidance helped me to become more aware of what my daughter was going through, which, in turn helped me to be a better parent. Emily would calmly talk me through the difficult times and her advice helped me focus on my daughter’s well-being.

Emily is professional and organized and I felt that I was in in the hands of a very competent and efficient yet approachable and caring law professional. During the history of my case, Emily moved the case forward while interacting with other legal counsel with professionalism and courtesy.

My daughter and I have found Emily to be a lovely person who is thoughtful, genuine, empathetic, friendly and generous with her time. Emily is the best legal representative we could have ever hoped for. She is someone we highly respect and have come to care about.
– S.Z., San Ramon

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