Mediating with Emily


Divorce is not a battle to win, but a problem to solve

Mediation – A positive approach, a new beginning

Emily can help your family reach fair and reasonable agreements and avoid going to court. She is skilled at creating an environment of respect and dignity, utilizing her decades of experience as a family law attorney and compassionate, authentic mediator.

Divorce doesn’t have to mean a costly and painful court battle. Mediation and collaborative divorce are simpler, cost-effective, non-adversarial alternatives to stressful and expensive litigation. Many couples who go through mediation or collaborative divorce are glad they did: working together with a mediator and/or a support team is more peaceful and can take much of the anger and frustration out of the process.

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Mediation: A Cooperative, Respectful Process

My role as a mediator is to facilitate meetings between you and your spouse, guide you through divorce negotiations while maintaining a balance of power, and equalizing differences. As a neutral third party, I do not represent either spouse nor do I take sides. I provide you with a safe environment for dialogue and keep the discussions focused on working out agreements on the most important issues.

Mediation is especially beneficial when the case involves children–it can help you avoid a child custody battle. I will work with you and your spouse to place the needs of your children first, prioritize peaceful resolutions, and minimize emotional stress.

Mediation Saves Time and MoneyMediation avoids the formal court process and drawn out litigation, saving you time and extensive attorney fees.

“To say that Emily goes the extra mile for her clients, is an understatement. I have worked with other attorneys and none of them come close to Emily. She cares about what she is doing and treats her clients with concern and respect. Without Emily, I would not be where I am now.”

— TP, Brentwood


Mediation Representation

I consult with individuals working through the mediation process who seek independent legal advice from a skilled mediator.. My role is to maintain the integrity of the mediation process while helping the client make informed decisions based on his/her personal goals and interests.

Paperwork Preparation

Assistance is available for individuals (or both parties who are in agreement on all aspects of their divorce) who want an attorney to prepare their divorce paperwork and guide them through the legal process.

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